What is Floatation Therapy?

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Floatation therapy or "floating" is a holistic treatment using sensory deprivation within a floatation room to promote relaxation and well-being. The pool is filled with approximately 10" of water that has an estimated 1000lbs of Epsom Salts dissolved within it.  The high bouyancy minimizes the effects of gravity on the body and gives a feeling of "weightlessness". This water and the room are heated to skin temperature and the lights optionally turned off, thereby minimizing outside distractions and allowing the brain to go into a state of deep thought and relaxation.


Myriad tests have shows that floatation therapy has not only had an immediate effect on pain relief and stress elimination, but it also promotes "whole-brain" thinking, as explained below. Floating is used today by people from all different backgrounds, including athletes, business people, artist, musicians, yogis and spiritualist, pregnant women, students, and even your "Average Joe," for a variety of mental and physical benefits.


It's like having the Dead Sea in your neighborhood.


Benefits for athletes

            Deep muscular relaxation

            Accelerates healing of injuries            

            Enhances performance through focused visualization

Benefits for business people

            Complete physical & mental de-stressing

            Deep muscular relaxation

            Rejuvenates energy levels

            Enhances creativity

Benefits for students

            Stimulates creativity

            Promotes clarity of thought process

            Aids accelerated learning



Floatation Philosophy
     The floatation philosophy here at Infinite Floatation Center is to give the community an opportunity to take back their bodies and minds from the everyday abuse that the standard American life provides. Many people are unaware that they can heal themselves with the proper techniques and diet. Floating provides an arena where you can obtain a state of "deep relaxation" while the body begins to mend itself in a zero gravity setting. An around of 85% of people go to the doctor for a stressed related issue or psychosomatic disorder. Methods such as meditation, biofeedback, self-hypnosis and progressive muscular training all require to an extent, some level of practice. People experience deep level of relaxation during their first session of floating. Floating alone or in combination with positive, stress relieving thinking techniques provided by us at Infinite Floatation Center, can  truly help put people in a healthy mental state. A positive thought is much, much stronger than a negative thought, but its unfortunate that we tend to generate more negative thoughts because we focus on what we don't have or what we don't want to happen, we dwell on these things. Its also proven that every thought has a frequency and negative thoughts attract negative situations, negative people and negative circumstances. Its a simple shift of the mind, change your thoughts, change your life!





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